Better Year, Better You

We hope you’re having a great New Year so far! (anything’s better than 2020, right?)

The beginning of a new year can feel refreshing and exciting; the possibilities for self-improvement are endless. Of course, everyone has different goals and aspirations, but ultimately everyone is looking to become their best possible self, and this year we’re all about harnessing the power of your own body. In order to reach these goals, it’s necessary to ask yourself some important questions:

  • What are my goals for 2021?
  • How is this improving my overall outlook and well-being?
  • What are the necessary steps to reach this particular goal?

Often times, the things we are unhappy physically with our outer appearance, are directly correlated to something internally. For optimal results, it’s important to find a balance of what your body requires both externally and internally. If done correctly, you’ll be able to harness the full power of your body’s ability to be its best self, inside and out. Our bodies are amazing and by giving them the right tools, they will perform at optimal function to look and feel your best!

Here at Russak Dermatology Clinic and Russak+ Aesthetic Center, wew take great pride in helping our patients address their medical and cosmetic concerns, and providing the tools necessary to reach their goals and maintain results. We offer advanced treatments that are individually tailored and customized to each patient. Combined with our exceptional customer care and expertise, you’ll be on your way to a better/healthier you in no time!

A comprehensive approach to healthy skin and body

A comprehensive approach to healthy skin truly begins from within. Skin is our largest organ and a true reflection of our body’s health. Our Comprehensive Wellness Analysis provides our patients with the necessary insight to make educated decisions on their health. Wellness is a lifestyle choice including proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation and adequate sleep, and when all of these factors align, the body functions at its prime. Our Wellness program is led by Jennifer Hanway, our in-house holistic nutritionist and a leading expert in her field, who offers our patients one-on-one guidance right in our office. Gaining a holistic perspective of gut and skin health by testing a range of food sensitivities, vitamin, mineral deficiencies and heavy metals in the system, gives us insight in creating an optimal dietary program specific for meeting each patients’ goals. This will help you tap into the “HOW am I improving my overall outlook and well-being.”

What are the necessary steps to reach my goals?

One way to achieve healthy skin and body from the inside out is with IV Nutrient Therapy treatments. These infusions are uniquely formulated around your skin and body’s needs to promote energy, repair, boost immune system, detoxify and overall body-skin wellness from the inside out. IV Therapy rapidly boosts vital nutrient, vitamin and antioxidant levels in the center of cells–where nutrients are needed most to ensure optimal cellular function, which means your body’s healthiest self. Using IV infusion allows us to bypass the digestive system and other organs to deliver micronutrients to the body efficiently and immediately. Benefits are hydration, mental clarity, metabolism, and boosted energy!

Harness the power of your body’s ability to heal and restore itself

When we feed our bodies the right tools, they are able to function at their prime, and this includes the skin. A huge part of this means healing and restoring, and that’s where Stem Cells come in. Using science-based research and technology we can help your skin naturally regenerate, for several months after treatment takes place, and our new Stem Cell Facelift is a natural-looking alternative to the traditional facelift. Stem cell rejuvenation involves minimally invasive injections with little downtime.

Cytokines signal and interact with cells to repair and boost skin cell growth. This interaction helps to create new fresh collagen and elastin that has the ability to aid tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation. These growth factors also add hydration, decrease roughness, and help to reduce lines and wrinkles, while improving skin tone and texture to give the skin a healthy and youthful complexion. The effects appear gradually and naturally, as new living cells enhance the face. Stem Cells are made to repair, restore and rejuvenate.

Also new to our practice and taking the aesthetic industry by storm are Exosomes! Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, or small bubbles, that are released from stem cells. They transmit genetic information and proteins to other cells. The exosomes released by regenerative cells such as stem cells are potent drivers of healing and repair. Exosomes are vital in all cellular regenerative processes, and we can now infuse them directly into your skin for intensive anti-aging benefits!

We use advanced microneedling therapy to infuse exosomes deep into the epidermis. Microneedling creates tiny micro channels in the skin, which also stimulates the skin’s wound healing process, prompting tissue remodeling and stimulation of collagen and elastin. This leads to an improvement in both the appearance and texture of your skin, as the exosomes work to revitalize and activate the skin cells by reducing inflammation and jump-starting the body’s natural healing process. Over time, you will experience healthier, stronger and more youthful skin, long-term.

Let 2021 see what you’re made of and let us help you be your best self!

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