EYE APPEAL: 9 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Eye Area and Look Younger

Your eyes are the first facial feature that others notice. They give away your mood, whether you’re tired or rested, under stress or relaxed, and in theory, your age, though they can make you look older than you really are! Likewise, when it comes to regaining a more youthful, vibrant appearance, your eyes are the perfect place to start.

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, and the tissue below the eyes doesn’t contain much fat or muscle for support. That’s why your eye area develops lines and wrinkles faster than the rest of your face, as well as dark circles, puffiness, sagging and crepeyness. If you aren’t happy with your eye appeal, don’t worry, that only makes your eyes look worse. Russak Dermatology offers these nine options to rejuvenate this common, noticeable trouble spot:


Using ultrasound technology to stimulate natural collagen production, Ultherapy can be used for subtle brow lifting, tightening and relieving crepeyness under the eyes. Over the three months after treatment, the skin around the eyes skin becomes smoother, firmer and more lifted.


Who doesn’t have crow’s feet from squinting or smiling over and over again? Botox temporarily relaxes specific facial muscles to smooth those lines. This is not your mother’s botox! Nowadays, less Botox is injected so the areas treated don’t look frozen, just relaxed. What’s more, if you opt for Botox at the first sign of lines and wrinkles, you will prevent lines from settling in and your eyes will look more youthful longer.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

Hyaluronic acid fillers are made from a sugar that naturally exists in the skin and helps the skin retain water, keeping it hydrated and full-looking rather than dry and collapsed. Fillers decrease hollowness under the eyes. When used with Botox, the overall results are even better. Eye skin becomes smoother, firmer and more radiant.

A combination of botox and filler around the eyes provides comprehensive results.

Plasma Pen

The Plasma Pen lifts and tightens sagging eyelids and relieves crepeyness and fine lines. The “pen” transmits a tiny spark into the underlying tissue, creating a precise, sealed wound, which stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the building blocks of smooth, younger-looking skin. Your eyelids firm up and stay that way, similar to a surgical eye lift but without intrusive surgery.

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments use your own blood plasma, which contains natural growth factors, to stimulate collagen production and repair the skin cells around your eyes. PRP is injected under the eyes, which allows it to penetrate deeply, delivering nutrients, promoting collagen production, and coaxing your skin into repairing itself. Your skin soon glows again, and your eyes look younger and more rested.

RF Microneedling

By combining radio frequency (RF) and microneedling, your eye skin improves markedly after each treatment. RF heats the deeper layers of the skin, and the more topical microneedling work together to amplify your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. It’s particularly effective under the eyes for tightening and toning. Chronically tired, old-looking eye skin becomes smooth, rejuvenated and bright again.

Erbium Yag Laser

Of our various laser treatments, Erbium is our favorite for tightening under the eyes and getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles from sun exposure. Erbium Yag is a powerful ablative laser. When absorbed by water in the skin, it converts to heat. The heat destroys the fine layers of damaged and discolored skin. When new skin grows back, it’s firmer, healthier and younger.

Chemical Peels

For decades, chemical peels have been a go-to facial treatment to break up pigmentation and to brighten and tighten the skin, but not around the eyes… until recently. Gentler peels are now available, composed of skincare acids blended for the delicate eye area and safe for all skin tones. Our eye peel gently resurfaces the skin, breaks up pigmentation, fades discoloration and diminishes lines, dark circles and wrinkles, reversing the effects of the environment and aging.

Stem Cell Eye Lift

Stem cell injections are used to reverse the signs of aging around the eyes, such as bags, wrinkles and dark circles. At birth, stem cells are the most prevalent in your body, but as you age, they decrease, contributing to duller, older-looking skin. When stem cells derived from discarded infant umbilical cords are injected into the eye area, they stimulate collagen and elastin formation in new cells. Your eye skin becomes firmer and smoother, and you look years younger!

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