How To Get The Perfect Lips (According To Your Anatomy!)

Perfect Lips

The anatomy of proportioned, perfect lips is a mix of having an artistic eye and mathematics. It’s important to view the lips as sisters, not twins, and it’s not unusual for one to be disproportionate to the other. A noticeable difference can be corrected with hyaluronic acid filler to achieve anatomical symmetry and balance while enhancing undefined lips and creating a fuller pout.

Depending on your face shape, your set of ‘perfect lips’ is unique to you. A proportionate lip typically falls in line with a ⅓:⅔ ratio, meaning the lower lip should be about ⅓ plumper than the upper. Of course, the desired lip is very patient-specific, but staying within this general ratio makes sure you have a balanced and not overpowering appearance.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced by the body to create volume in the skin. It also helps lubricate the eyes and joints to keep things working and moving smoothly.

Medically, we can harness this substance by injecting it into an area that has lost fullness to lift and volumize. As hyaluronic acid also attracts water, any hyaluronic acid injection that is used in the body will maintain the desired look for up to 7-9 months.

Before and After Lip Treatment

Before and After Lip Filler Treatment

As seen above, in both patient cases, the perfect ratio was enhanced proportionally, the outer lip border defined and the cupid’s bow points accentuated. The enhancements look beautiful and natural.

Do you have the perfect lips for you?

How you want your lips to look is very personal. And what will look best on you is completely unique to you (that’s the beauty of us all looking different!). Our job is to help you find balance and enhancement that looks natural, and makes you look like the best version of you!

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