How to Get Ready For Your Wedding With a Holistic Wellness Program

Wedding Wellness Program

Months before her summer wedding, our head aesthetician Meredith Harris knew two things for sure. First, she was 100% certain about THE ONE. Second, she knew she needed more energy to work out if she wanted a flatter belly and a leaner frame. She especially wanted to tone her shoulders and triceps to fit THE dress and wanted it all before her wedding day.

Meredith had learned about the benefits of our comprehensive wellness analysis from Dr. Russak and our Holistic Nutritionist Jennifer Hanway and had witnessed our patients’ positive results. She knew that it was what she needed to stay calm and healthy in the lead up to her big day, and, of course, look incredible in her dress! In the end, Meredith couldn’t have been happier with her results – she felt happy, energetic and stress-free at her wedding and fabulous from tip to toe!

So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the Russak Comprehensive Wellness Analysis that Meredith and so many of our patients swear by – it might be the perfect solution for you!

First, what is our Comprehensive Wellness Analysis?

Here at Russak Dermatology, we understand that optimum health, beauty and wellness starts from the inside out. Our Comprehensive Wellness Analysis takes a deep dive into your health history, lab work, gut health, hormone balance, current diet, stress levels and lifestyle habits, to ascertain exactly where you are starting from. From there, we create personalized nutrition, fitness, wellbeing and supplement programs to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

What sets the Russak Comprehensive Wellness Analysis apart from other wellness programs in New York City?

  • Our programs are personalized to your biochemistry. We test, not guess, and truly understand that ‘one-size-fits-all’ programming does not achieve optimum health. We look at wellness from a 360-degree perspective and understand the importance of gut health, thyroid function, hormone balance and stress management.
  • The program offers in-house testing and blood work available in the same building as Russak Dermatology Clinic.
  • It is a convenient, one-stop shop for those desiring to commit to the program. The program is overseen by Dr. Julie Russak herself and Jennifer Hanway, Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Both professionals design our patients’ programs and guide their progress together.
  • Dr. Russak offers a unique point of view by providing you a complete aesthetic treatment plan with the program – a perfect opportunity for all patients to get the best results possible.
    • This also offers a great opportunity for brides and brides-to-be (like Meredith) who are looking for a total beauty and wellness action plan ahead of their big day!

How does the comprehensive wellness plan work, practically-speaking?

  1. It all starts with a rigorous intake process and in-depth health consultation. As part of the Initial Consultation with Dr. Russak and Jennifer, you will be tested for food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and heavy metal levels. The goal here is to assess possible underlying and often hidden allergies and food sensitivities that are believed to plague more than half of the American population. This can cause ongoing inflammation and symptoms as broad-ranging as weight gain, allergies, eczema, anxiety and chronic fatigue.
  2. Following your Initial Consultation, you will return to the office to meet with Dr. Russak and Jennifer at which point they will give you a full review of your results and their findings. You will be presented with your personalized comprehensive wellness program report which includes nutrition guidelines, fitness recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and a full supplement protocol.
  3. From here you will have four more one-on-one health coaching sessions with Jennifer (including email and phone support), where you will be provided with a practical guide to maintain your wellness lifestyle: diet modifications, recipes, and other education. During these remaining sessions, you and Jennifer will continually assess progress and fine tune and adjust the plan for optimum results. The goal here is to create not only a shortcut to results but a sustainable lifestyle change!

The results!

Patients who have gone through our Comprehensive Wellness Analysis have experienced significant fat loss, improved digestion and gut health, improved thyroid function, improved PMS, a reduction in migraines, reduced brain fog, clearer, brighter and younger looking skin, and less stress and more energy. Sign us up!


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