My Top 5 Skincare Products by Dr. Amanda Doyle

Dr. Doyle Shares Her Favorite Skincare Products at Russak Dermatology

Skinceuticals Simply Clean: I simply love this product! I use it daily to wash off any residue, dirt, and make-up. It gives the skin a great cleanse without being too drying.

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid and HA Intensifier in combination: This is great for appropriate hydration. My skin is a bit dry so I need to layer moisturizers. I put on the hyaluronic acid serum (HA Intensifier) first and then apply the heavier moisturizer (Triple Lipid) on top. It feels so luxurious. If I don’t need as much hydration, I’ll skip either the HA Intensifier or the Triple Lipid so I can tailor it depending on where I am and what I’m using.

Revision DEJ Eye Cream and Revox 7: This is such a powerful combination for use around the eyes. If used on a daily basis religiously, I have seen an amazing improvement in the eye area with these two items together!

Skinmedica Retinol: I love this over the counter, medical-grade product. When I’m more sensitive or drier, I tend to amp up the moisturizing but I still like to use a retinol/retinoid at least twice a week for the anti-aging benefits. This is my favorite one by far.

Elta Clear SPF 46: For anti-aging and acne-prone skin, this daily sunscreen a must! It gives me adequate sun protection and doesn’t break me out or feel heavy. I love that it gives me a dewy glow as well!

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