Non-Invasive Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting®: What It Looks Like And Why It’s Worth It


Only eight years ago the only solution for fat reduction that offered you results were Spanx and liposuction surgery. It was a dark time; the minute that Spanx came off we were reminded of the bulges and pooches we had fought so hard to eliminate with endless crunches and squats and the latest fad diet. Surgery was expensive, risky, required long downtimes and wasn’t accessible (or right) for everyone.

It’s hard to remember those days now because non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring is more popular than ever and as commonplace as a syringe of Botox or a facial.

That being said, we still get countless questions from existing patients and prospective ones about this fat-eliminating, no-downtime procedure. How does it work? How does it feel? What will the results be?

At Russak Dermatology and Russak Plus, we do dozens of CoolSculpting treatments a month. And with that level of expertise, we can tell you everything you need to know about what CoolSculpting looks like (really!) and why it’s worth every penny. The bonus? This month we’re also offering a special promotion on CoolSculpting packages, so you can experience it first hand (more on that here).

Cheat Sheet: What You Should Know About Coolsculpting

How it works:

  • Fat cells are like any other cells in the body, they can be destroyed, however, some are a little more stubborn than others. That’s where the proprietary science of cryogenic lipolysis (CoolSculpting) comes in. The technology delivers controlled, regulated and targeted freezing to fat cells that have previously been resistant to elimination.
  • The result is that the fat cells self-destruct and are then naturally eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system.
  • Over several weeks and a few sessions, target areas of the body are freed of excess fat cells, leaving behind a slimmed and more contoured body area.

Freeze Fat Everywhere: Arms, Back, Chin, Thighs and More

The great news about CoolSculpting (especially today!) is that it’s so flexible in where and how it can target body fat. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq has worked hard to create innovative ways to treat ‘difficult-to-reach areas’ that previously defied treatment with flexible handpieces and paddles that can mold to every curve, from love handles to the double chin. When patients come to us they are often surprised by the breadth of areas we are able to treat including:

  • Submental fat or “the double chin”
  • Banana rolls (areas of fat under the buttocks)
  • Bra bulges and back fat
  • Love handles, “the muffin top”
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Stomach/Abdomen
  • Arms

This patient non-surgically removed fat from his double chin with the new CoolSculpting CoolMini.

Coolsculpting Step-by-Step: What You Should Know and What To Expect

Even though CoolSculpting is safe and popular, we take consultations very seriously to make sure every patient is the right candidate for the procedure.  CoolSculpting only works well on pinchable, isolated areas of fat versus all-over weight. For those patients needing weight management support, we might refer them to our comprehensive wellness analysis or an outside weight loss program which will be better for their body health and needs.

That aside, once we decide CoolSculpting is for you, the process and procedure of body contouring is straightforward, and honestly, quite pampering!

  • Patients come in wearing comfortable breathable clothes that they can easily get in and out of, or pull up so that we can apply the handpieces to the treatment area. We take baseline ‘before’ pictures so that we can track progress over time, finalize any paperwork and then patients settle into our designated treatment rooms.
  • Our teams are gentle and speedy at applying the right handpieces to your body and making sure you’re comfortable. We’ll serve you one of our custom wellness teas, make sure you have a blanket to stay warm, and a robust stack of magazines to dig in to. We often frame this time as a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of every day. We’ve seen patients doze off or meditate, though some busy moms and executives enjoy catching up on emails and last minute projects too!
  • Most treatments last one hour. Patients can feel a range of sensations – a little cold, some suction and light pressure.
  • After the treatment is over there might be some numb sensations due to superficial nerve activation, some mild bruising, soreness and skin redness. Generally, this subsides after just a few days.
  • Because downtime is so minimal, most patients can resume activities as normal (no need to skip the gym or dinner plans!).
  • We always walk patients through our post-care instructions: when to get in touch, when to set you up your next appointment (if required), what to look out for, etc.
  • Initial results will be visible in 2-3 weeks but optimal results will be experienced in the second or third month post-procedure. Most patients see the best results after 2-3 appointments.

Men Do Coolsculpting Too!

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that CoolSculpting is for just for women. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. At least 50% of our patient population are men, and many are physically fit and active, but also struggle with pockets of fat that won’t go away. As you can see in these before and after pictures, CoolSculpting treatments can do incredible things to shape and lean out the male physique.


Despite a rigorous workout regime, this male patient always struggled with extra ‘padding’ across his obliques and back. With non-surgical fat reduction, his frame is leaner and his muscle tone more defined.

Why Choosing A Good Coolsculpting Provider Is Essential

While CoolSculpting is incredibly popular and safe, it is very much skill dependent (uneven fat removal, for example, is possible!). Make sure you carefully select providers that are well-reviewed, listed as an official CoolSculpting provider, and always do your research! Russak Dermatology and Russak Plus are proud to be awarded and recognized as Crystal Level Providers of CoolSculping, having performed over 1,000 treatments so far!

Our Patients’ Coolsculpting Results: Before And After Pictures


View more before and after photos >

In Summary: CoolSculpting Fast Facts

  • It’s not a weight loss solution. Maintaining results relies on a healthy lifestyle that incorporates diet and fitness. And we can help with that too. Learn more about our bespoke wellness offering here.
  • It’s proven. With over 50 published clinical papers on the treatment and over 4000 initial clinical trial patients, CoolSculpting is a safe, proven, FDA-approved procedure.
  • It’s permanent. Studies have shown up to 25% permanent subcutaneous fat reduction at a treatment site after just one procedure.
  • It’s great for busy patients on the go. No downtime, no surgery, no anesthesia. It’s non-surgical liposuction at its best.

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