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Peak Skin Wellness Trip

This July 25-30, 2020 Dr. Julie Russak, M.D., FAAD., and our resident Holistic Nutritionist, Jennifer Hanway, are hosting an intensive wellness retreat at The Capra. Together, they will provide their insights on the connection between wellness, overall gut balance and healthy, youthful skin.

“Since our skin is our body’s largest organ and a reflection of within, it only seems fitting to ensure that the body is balanced internally to alleviate concerns manifesting outwardly and to feel our best.” – Julie Russak, MD

For the first time ever, guests can enjoy an extension of Russak Dermatology’s Comprehensive Wellness Program & Testing overseas. The program, (typically lasting 6-months) will now be offered at Peak Health for guests who desire a fully immersive version while enjoying the offerings of The Capra.

The intensive will include two PEAKS: wellness and skin. For our wellness component, guests will enjoy individual lab work assessments, nutritional guide and a customized menu designed by holistic nutritionist Jennifer Hanway. Jennifer will also lead wellness conversations, and offer personalized coaching, and lifestyle tips. For the skin health portion, guests will have direct access to a renowned and award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Julie Russak. Dr. Russak will join Jennifer in educating guests about the very important gut-skin connection, and how gut health influences skin health and how gracefully we age. Demonstrations of the newest anti-aging technologies will be presented, and spa offerings will feature Russak Dermatology staple treatments throughout the week.

Learn about:

  • Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging
  • Skin Health
  • Facial Restoration
  • The Skin-Gut Connection
  • Food for Beautiful Skin
  • Maintaining Naturally Youthful Skin
  • Smart Detoxification
  • Skin/Stress/Sleep Connection

What’s included?

  • Pre-retreat Wellness Assessment tailored to your individual health background and goals
  • Pre-retreat lab work (optional)
  • Test results analysis given by Dr. Russak and Jennifer Hanway
  • Seven nights in a double room at The Capra
  • Daily mountain hike led by Peak Health’s Local Alpine Expert Guides
  • Daily yoga led by the Peak Health Yoga Instructor
  • Daily workshop led by Dr. Russak
  • Daily workshop led by the Peak Health Team
  • Daily lunch conversation led by Jennifer Hanway
  • A one-on-one session with Dr. Russak to assess your individual skin health and how to reach your wellness goals
  • Three nutritious meals and two snacks per day. Meals will be sourced locally, organically and seasonally
  • Fireside discussion and Q&As with Dr. Russak & Jennifer Hanway
  • Daily access to the Peak Health state-of-the-art luxury Spa, including sauna, steam room, salt cave, relaxation area, swimming pool and outdoor hydrotherapy pool (spa treatments available at additional cost)
  • Spa offerings designed by Dr. Russak exclusive to this event

This special retreat will take place on July 25-30, 2020.


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