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Frequent Flyer Facial is our latest collaboration with the ladies of @sweatsandthecity! The facial was created for the ultimate frequent flyer. First, dermaplaning removes the dead skin layer and peach fuzz to reveal brighter skin instantly. We then dig deeper, pun intended, to extract impurities with our Hydrafacial device while infusing the skin with hydrating peptides. Last but not least, red light therapy is used at the end of treatment to depuff skin, promote healing and decrease inflammation, (from all the traveling you do!) The result? Healthy, brighter, and glowy skin after just one visit. When booking, mention: “SWEATS FREQUENT FLYER FACIAL” for $150 savings!

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RANDOM Q’S WE GET ALL THE TIME ~ — ❓Do you get gel nails? I haven’t in ages & I try to avoid it because I hate what it does to my nails long term! I also cannot stand the removal process. I’m a big fan of @dazzle_dry – it’s non toxic, dries in 5 min (like fully dry) & lasts for over a week. I get it done @glosslab. Also – we love bringing our non-toxic @talon.polish with us, it lasts FOREVER. ❓Dermatologist rec? @russakderm – Have been seeing Dr. Russak for years for mole checks, skin maintenance & facials. Highly rec the frequent flyer facial (ask for Meredith)! ❓Gyno rec? Dr. Paula Blume (she’s a LITERAL QUEEN) & takes insurance. ❓Who does your hair? @melissawillcutyou for cut & @ryanpearl23 for color. Both at @cutlernyc! ❓Where are the sneakers you always wear from? @champssports.womens – Nike Air Max 270 React. ❓Who makes your small gold chain necklace? @catbirdNYC – love them for dainty gold stuff! ❓Thoughts on F-Factor? Personally not into it, or any method that promotes a restrictive mindset for that matter – I don’t believe this kind of diet is sustainable (or good for you mentally or physically!) long term. ❓Best way to eat healthy without being restrictive? The way I view restriction/dieting is like a bow & arrow – you can pull back and back and back, but eventually things are going to swing in the other direction – your body just isn’t made to stay in forced state. Planning filling, satisfying meals + snacks for my day is key, and so is not viewing certain foods as ‘bad’ (causes obsessing!) – you’ll likely find yourself in a place of balance a lot faster this way. — WHAT DID I MISS? ASK BELOW ~ I’M ANSWERING EVERY QUESTION. xx #sssssweats

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lets talk about facials… Whether you’re a monthly frequenter or never been before, there’s a facial out there for everyone. Reviews of NYC spots I’ve been to: 💥 Christine Chin Spa: 82 Orchard St., this stylish celebrity-reviewed hot spot is definitely on the pricier side ($120 facial, with a $180 microdermabrasion add-on) plus tip you’re looking at $360 total. Great extractions, not much of a facial massage but overall an excellent deep cleansing facial. I rate this spa 8/10. 💥 Heydey NoMad: 1130 Broadway, with 7 locations in NYC, this “express facial” is not for someone looking to really clean out their pores, but instead great for a subtle glow. 30 mins for $65, 50 mins for $95, 120 mins for $195. The price is high for what I personally want out of a facial, and the atmosphere feels “factory-like” to me. Very bright, not much privacy (they say this set up keep “prices down” but they’re not that cheap! I’d give this place a 6/10. 💥 Pearl Skin Care: 214 Grand Street, this is your “might need 2 days off of work to recover” facial. DEEP extractions may leave you red for a few days, but this is the MOST thorough facial I’ve ever had. You’ll spend three hours on the table with an INCREDIBLE facial/shoulder massage, a cooling green tea masque, and hydro-frequent machine to treat redness/prevent breakouts. You MUST communicate with your esthetician what you want to spend (I cap it at $120) so they don’t give you anything extra, SPEAK UP! Rating: 9/10. 💥 Russak Dermatology: 115 East 57th Street, I got the Frequent Flyer Facial which was a combination of Dermplaning (fine razor that removes dead skin & peach fuzz), hydro-facial (a water infused hose with three types of acid that penetrates deep into your pores), and red light (kills bacteria). You’ll spend 60 minutes there, first time is discounted at $300, after that it’s $350, plus tip you’ll leave spending over $400. So this is once every two months for me! The results are insane, your face feels supple, soft, and incredibly clear. 9/10! Leave your facial experiences / suggestions below! TELL ME ⤵️

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