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Reset the skin and reverse summer damage with IPL!

Reset the skin and reverse summer damage with IPL!

Summer’s over - now what?  It's time for IPL!Pair IPL with any of our popular treatments and save during the months of September and October!A signature Russak Dermatology approach - we like combining multiple modalities in one visit to optimize patient results. 
  • By combining IPL with collagen-stimulating modalities, patients see a significant pigment and overall complexion improvement along with the added benefit of rejuvenation.
  • Collagen stimulating modalities, such as PRP Microneedling, stimulate the skin to heal and turn over, producing fresh new skin cells. Pairing both the IPL and PRP Microneedling, for example, reveals brighter and evenly toned skin after just one visit.
Great for treating:
  • Brown spots
  • Broken capillaries
  • Facial redness
  • Sunspots
  • Acne scars 
  • Rosacea
What is IPL? Intense pulsed laser (IPL)™ is a light-based energy technology that gently targets and eliminates pigment irregularities on the face and the body. Multiple wavelengths of light technology target unwanted pigmentation at its source. Learn more.

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The Fine Print

IPL add-on $450  ($600 VALUE)

Per area only (but multiple areas can be treated in one visit)

Promotion valid when booking IPL as part of combo modalities treatment  

Popular pairing options:

  • IPL w/ Fractional 
  • IPL w/ PRP Microneedling
  • IPL w/ Vivace RF Needling
  • IPL w/ C&B

Think you might be a good candidate for IPL? Don’t know what to pair IPL with? Got a big event coming up? Schedule a consultation with us today and ask for a same-day treatment option. Contact us. 

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