Russak+ Staff Favorite: TCA Peel

By Chloe Nelson, Patient Care Coordinator

My favorite treatment for the fall here at Russak+ Aesthetic Center is our TCA peel.

This quick and easy, yet extremely effective treatment targets sun damage, aging skin, and overall skin tone and texture. Personally, I have a lot of sun damage that I am working on reversing.

The peel is very quick and simple, in and out of the office within 30 minutes.

Join me on my peel journey!

Before the peel:

During the peel: On a clean face the peel is applied in 1-3 passes (or layers) depending on your skin type and personal target goal. Typically for me I do 2 passes over the skin until I am nice and frosty! (Frosting is when the skin turns white due to the surface layers being exfoliated.) I wouldn’t describe it as painful or uncomfortable but you can say it’s a little “spicy” or “stingy.”

Day 1: My skin is a little on the sensitive side so I am little rosy red right after the peel, but nothing too extreme. I actually do not mind the right-after look since it gives me a little pop of color.

Day 2: No peeling yet, at this point my skin is very glowy! I don’t mind going out at this point either. I personally love a nice glowing face (I mean who doesn’t!)

Day 3: Still very glowy and no peeling yet, my face feels very very tight and ready to crack! You can also notice some dark spots that look like light freckles, this is the sun damage and pigmentation that the peel has picked up on!

Day 4: By this point I’ve started peeling! The skin on my lower face near my mouth and chin started peeling first. Luckily the mask covers it up but it doesn’t look too extreme.

Day 5: Lots of peeling today, near my cheeks and upper lip/nose. On my cheekbones you can really notice where the dark spots are and as my skin peels, the spots come come off.

Day 6: Still peeling mid face and beginning on my forehead as well.

Day 7: Almost all of my face has peeled off by now! My skin underneath where I have peeled is baby smooth.

After completely peeling I have a new face! Brighter complexion, less sunspots, and a smoother, even skin tone!

After the peel:

Throughout the healing process after the peel I used SkinCeutical’s Gentle Cleanser and Epidermal Repair the Gentle Cleanser by SkinCeuticals followed by their Epidermal Repair to help my skin heal.

Before and afters photos:

Want brighter, tighter, glowing skin? Come in for your own peel ASAP!

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