Healthy Winter Lips

Elizabeth and Dale from Sweats And The City

What defines our healthy winter lip GOALS? Elizabeth and Dale of @sweatsandthecity #weloveourpatients

It’s winter and the weather is miserable. Queue #lipproblems. Our lips are the first to suffer the effects of cold weather. Lip skin is sensitive and delicate and it dries out ten times faster than the rest of the skin on your face. Frigid conditions cause our lips to chap, flake off and thus appear thinner and duller than they are. There are two main culprits of this weather-induced scenario:

1- Lip skin is unique as it does not have an epidermal layer where oil is produced.

2- We take good measure covering up the rest of our body, but often leave our lips exposed in cold weather. To combat these, Russak Dermatology Clinic recommends a lip care regimen that involves exfoliation, hydration, and coating.

Exfoliate: Use a pea size sugar scrub and rub on lips gently. Try our Aesthetic Coordinator’s favorite: LUSH’s Mint Julips.

Hydrate: SkinCeutical’s Phyto Corrective mask is a goodie for using on the face and lips. Apply and let it sit for twenty minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.

Coat: Avoid matte lipsticks in cooler temps since they accentuate the dryness. And don’t leave home without chapstick! Iris Looi PA-C recommends EpiCeram-L or Aquaphor for best coating results.

The cherry on top: Lip fillers strategically injected by one of our providers can help restore and optimize a lip skin care regimen. By adding extra volume and shape with dermal fillers, lips can appear instantly youthful and plump.

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