Brightening Décolletage Treatment

Brightening Décolletage Treatment

The chest, neck and ‘décollete’ have long been undertreated and overexposed. And by overexposed, we mean little to no moisturizer, too little sun protection and not enough aesthetic care compared to the rest of our face. That is until we start to notice the telltale creping, sagging, wrinkling, sun damaged skin that causes us grab the closest scarf and high-necked top. While neck creams and firming skin care are a good start, when the damage is advanced, it’s time for brightening treatments and light therapy to turn back the clock.

What Is A Brightening Décolletage Treatment (with Red Light)?

This multi-step light-based therapy repairs damaged skin cells and boosts micro-circulation to brighten and smooth photo-damaged skin. This starts with a customized chemical peel that focuses on texture, pore size and hyperpigmentation and is followed with a red light therapy treatment, a wavelength of light that promotes circulation, wound healing and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Should I Try A Brightening Décolletage Treatment?

Chest wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation can make you look and feel older than you are, and the answer is a quick fix that will wipe away photodamage and brighten skin for good.

A Brightening Décolletage Treatment Helps Correct:

  • Sun Damage, Wrinkling and Creping Skin Across The Chest

The Details:

  1. Procedure Takes: 45 minutes.
  2. Downtime: None.
  3. Price: The cost for the Brightening Décollete Treatment with red light therapy is variable based on whether or not you purchase a treatment package. Please contact us for an estimate.

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Julie Russak is by far the best dermatologist I have ever visited. First off, her office is impeccable and looks like a museum. The front desk staff are always friendly and so are the medical assistants. Julie always gets the job done right and not once has she pressured me to spend any more money than I need to or suggest other procedures. If I ask her she’s very honest and professional.

Samantha B. from Manhattan, NY

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