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“When we first developed our clinical spa, Russak+ Aesthetic Center, we wanted to make it a place that specializes in addressing our overall skin and wellbeing, and that meant a comprehensive wellness approach”, says Julie Russak, MD, the founding dermatologist at Russak+ and Russak Dermatology. “Since our skin is our body’s largest organ, and a reflection of within, it only seemed fitting to ensure that the body is in balance internally to alleviate concerns manifesting outwardly.”

Based on this vision from our founder, our intensive comprehensive wellness analysis is a service that tests for a range of food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, in addition to levels of cortisol and heavy metals. It’s a total body assessment that will dig deep to reveal internal issues or red flags like systemic low energy that may be disrupting skin health (and total body health) on a micro-level. Now, this service includes a one-on-one health coaching session with one of the leaders in her field, Jennifer Hanway.

Here’s how a comprehensive wellness analysis works at Russak+

Wellness is a lifestyle; it involves proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise and adequate sleep. When all factors are aligned, your body will function at its prime.

  • The first comprehensive wellness analysis appointment begins with a detailed health history questionnaire and testing which includes blood work and a hair sample.
  • From there, the wellness package includes five 60-minute health coaching sessions with Jennifer Hanway for ongoing, personalized guidance. Jennifer will see Russak+ patients at the office once monthly, and well provide Skype health coaching sessions as well. Jennifer will work closely with all of the Russak+ providers, including Dr. Doyle and Iris Looi PA-C.

A little more about Jennifer Hanway

Jennifer Hanway is a holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer with a love of empowering others to make smarter choices so they can realize life-changing results. Jennifer’s approach is rooted in science and infused with fun (she has that dry British wit we all love!), which will have every patient walking away from sessions feeling inspired and positive.

Dr. Julie Russak, MD and Jennifer Hanway

Dr. Rusak and Jennifer make an incredible team and will make sure every patient better understands their body clinically and walks away with a toolbox of lifestyle changes that will help them feel their best.

Why the comprehensive wellness analysis will be good for you

Our comprehensive wellness analysis is here to reveal important information about your body while imparting crucial medical facts that will stay with you for a lifetime. We are eager to start this journey with you. Let’s get started!

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